Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fur Hat For Men, a Stylish Way To Stay Warm In Coldest Weather

If you live in a part of the world where temperatures drop to several degrees below zero in winter then protection is absolutely essential, especially for the face, ears and the head. Heat loss is highest from the head and also from the ears. The first thing you would think of would be woolens but when temperatures are in the minus range, wool does not prove to be effective. This is especially true when your work requires you to be exposed and in the open for a major part of the day. Woolen head gear offers little warmth and comfort in such situations.

The best thing in this situation is to get fur hat for men from When you think of fur you automatically think it will be terribly expensive. However, think first of the comfort and protection fur affords. This is due to the special nature of fur. Whether it is beaver, possum, mink, fox or raccoon fur, they have certain common features that make them excellent insulators against extreme cold weather.

Close to the skin you have what is known as the down hair made of short, fine and curly hair interlaced with each other that provide that essential insulation. The surface layer is made up of guard hair that is usually a bit coarser and longer and is the portion that gives fur its distinctive feel and looks. When you buy fur hat for men from Amifur you know these hats are made of genuine fur and are fresh as well as prime quality material.

Next you consider the question of affordability. You can get fur hats that cost thousands but amifur has expertise in creating fur hats and other fur items from off cuts and stitching such pieces together for a seamless one-piece look.  The looks are certainly expensive. The price is more than affordable. Fur lasts for a long time and you could, if you care for the fur hat properly, use it for ten years. Spread the price over this period and you will find that the cost of use is actually less. More importantly, you cannot put a price on the protection fur hats offer and serve as your insurance against any harmful effects of extreme temperatures.
 You have choices in fur hat for men. One of the most comfortable hats with a distinctive style is the ushanka. It looks good and it is functional too. There are flaps on the side that you can let dangle or bring together under the chin to cover your ears, a godsend if you are out in a blizzard. It looks stylish and trendy too, especially if you choose a mink fur hat. Just as trendy is a beaver fur hat with visor. Unlike the ushanka, the beaver does not have ear flaps. Instead, the top fits snugly over the years and there is a visor too.

The fur hat does look voluminous but it is surprisingly light in weight and with a polyester lining, sits comfortably on your head, good enough for all day wear. Try it and you will never want to be without when you face extreme weather.

Friday, 6 March 2015

AMIFUR.COM; AN INDEPENDENT DESIGNER FOR FUR HEADBANDS is one of the largest  fashion sites and an independent wholesaler that have opened up to you to not only make personal deliveries but also has a well established online service that allow easy making of orders and response to suggestions within a short period of time over a large market area worldwide. offers the different types of fur headbands at attractive prices. This means the prices are affordable and the quality is guaranteed. They offer quality services because the products come directly from Italy and also the fur headbands have 100% real fur.

This independent wholesaler also offer a variety of fur headbands and therefore your choice as a customer can be varied hence availability of what is needed regarding your budget as a potential buyer.
Their fur headbands are never out of stock. This is because they have the greatest market chains and suppliers worldwide thereby ensuring their markets is literally a global village with reliable services. also offers the highest rated furs headbands. For example, the woven mink fur headbands and the fox fur headbands are rated highly in quality due to their luxurious fur headbands. This leaves you with the best, durable and original outfits regardless of the pricing.

The fashion site also offers fur headbands that are trendy and luxurious. They are endlessly stylish and can go with any wears. Since they are offered in varieties, they fit fully into all trends of wears. Furs come in different colors of your own choices, looking beautiful and very soft for a comfortable feel when worn. offers elegant wears to all demographic consumers. This means the fur headbands are very attracting and appealing. Coming in a variety, they give your buyers a considerable choice. It might also be difficult to choose because one is spoilt for choice. 
To conclude, you should embrace for the best and affordable sevices.This will ensure convenience and reliability at large and as the old adage say; if you can’t beat them, join them.

The fur headbands are one of the popular fur accessories of all seasons because of the reasons listed below;

This explains the fact that these fur headbands can be worn anywhere for fashion at different occasions. With that we can safely conclude that the fur headbands are worn through every season.

Due to their affordable prices, their demands are always high throughout the year hence earning their popularity. Therefore, they are available regardless of season.

Due to a variety of fur headbands, they are able to be distributed everywhere and fit all the seasons. The fur headbands can be worn with everyone.

Being in large numbers, they ensure consistent supplies of the fur headbands in the markets and hence beyond any doubts their popularity will be seen.

These are just but a few factors but the fur headbands maintain their popularity all seasons!