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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Best Real Fur Scarves to add to your Wardrobe Collection

Fur scarves are incredible accessories for your outfit as it greatly adds up to your looks and personality. The way you dress also defines your personality so it is very important for everyone to always dress well and stay fit at all times. Many make excuses during winters due to its cold weather but now with the availability of endless choices for winter dress you can no longer escape but choose the right choice and right accessories to keep yourself warm as well as presentable at all times.

Double sided fur - Sable fur scarf, champagne colour

Amongst all the accessories available in the market fur scarves are one of the best choices as it not only keeps you warm, comfortable and cozy but it also adds up to your looks. Fur products are always classy, lavish and original in its own ways. They are a class apart from any other as they have the fine look and tender touch which makes you feel comfortable and cozy even in the harshest winter season.

Fur products have a huge plus point over the others as they are made from natural products. These fine materials make fine clothes too. Amifur Real fur scarves are worn in almost all occasions by many as they serve the two main purposes of functionality and practical use. These products can even be used in our daily life as the comfort and warmness you get from products is way beyond the price tag. And most importantly the common benefits and most rated thing about fur clothing are its fashion sense, flair, and style. 
Silver Fox Fur Scarf - Fur on both sides

Fur shawls can totally change your outlook; your dullest outfit can be enhanced by the little magic of this shawls or scarfs. By just adding this scarf to your outfit it can change your whole outlook instantly by transforming your dull look into an irresistible and attractive one.

 Fur shawls come in handy and are always easy to carry around. It also greatly matches with almost all types of dresses so you need not worry about what type of wardrobe you possess. Real fur scarfs can also be worn in many forms and designs to suit your outfit. They also come in great designs and colors offering you the endless choice of where you can pick your choice. Looking into the aspect of the functionality of the product it also greatly serves the purpose as you can wear it to almost all types of weather. 
Fox Fur Scarf - Blue

You can wear this scarfs even in another season of the year like when it's rainy or windy. Although it is best for the winter season as you can keep yourself warm from the bitter coldness of the cold winter season and make yourself comfortable and cozy while at the same time you look elegant and fashionable too. But it is very important for us to know and choose the right types, designs, and colors before we choose one as it can make or break your outfit. A good choice can be a game changer for your whole outfit while a wrong choice can just shatter your dressing to nothing in just a moment. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017


As winter brings the cold air with it, the search for warm clothes to keep oneself warm and safe from the brutal bites of winter wind hikes. Fur hat is one of the most reasonable winter hats you can rely on. Hat made of fox fur comes in a stylist elegant look with a fox look alike feature designed on it. It comes in various designs shapes and colors. If you are bored with your daily outfit and considers to try out few new outlooks this hat can give you a complete makeover with a stylist look and classy touch in it. Few dresses go well with the fox fur hat and looks stunningly amazing.  This hats are like a frame to your face, thus it brings in more attraction and draws attention to your captivating smiles which lures many hearts.
fox fur hats

Fox fur hats are available in huge variants, each product is well tailored and manufactured from the finest natural fox furs found in Italy. These hats are available for men too in wide ranges and choices. Men hats are seemingly smaller and more neutral in colors. Men’s hats are usually shorter as they have shorter hairs and so it is important to reveal their nape and lower hair lines. fur hats are best for cold stormy season or outdoor tracking as the fur provides protection as it is designed to insulate the animals body from the cold snowy days. Fox fur hats usually comes in golden brown color as the natural color of the fox is also golden  brown. So as to maintain the originality and natural look of the fox, it mostly comes in golden brown. The thin and soft texture of the Amifur fox fur hats makes it easily distinguishable from any other furs. The long furs of the fox fur hats stands out from any other furs. This is one main reason why people hunt for fox fur hats.
fox fur hats

Fox fur hats comes in different designs to suit your needs and occasions. The designs range from hats with fluffy ear covers to hats with tails for some fancy outlook. There are also plain hats to suit your daily use and also for formal or casual occasions. For any one, choosing the right design and color with the occasion and dress you wear is very important. For any accessory you put on you should always consider the color and the design so as to ensure you don’t feel out of place or over dressed at any occasion at any time. An accessory can make you look stunning in an occasion or at the same time make you look awkward. So it is advisable for you to buy the right type of hats according to your need and occasion and to where you are wearing it to. For your easiest pick, natural colors are recommended by fashion experts and fashion bloggers as it blends best with any outfit. The light colors are advisable, if you are not sure of which color might suit you the best. But if you are confident then sharp contrast of colors would look stunningly amazing.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Buy Warm Wear Accessories Real Fur Neck Warmers for 2017 at Online Market

There is no need to shiver at the thought of winter 2017 approaching and bringing a lot of discomfort in its wake. Consider it an opportunity to deck you out in styles that would be considered serious fashion misdemeanors in summer. 
Think of fur. Fur is associated with regions that are bitterly cold and are considered the perfect choice to keep comfy and warm even in bone-chilling blizzards. With a slinky, sleek and warm fur enveloping the body one can even take a walk and enjoy it. The cold simply never gets through.

real fur neck warmers

There is another reason to consider genuine fur. It is back in style. Fur gives warmth. It also turns heads. Naturally, a fur hat is a must for winters as is a fur coat but what about the area in between? The neck portion may remain open or vulnerable to biting cold winds but there is one fashion accessory that keeps one snugly warm and comfortable. They are real fur neck warmers from the house of Amifur, a fur specialist in Italy that cares for style and comfort in a beautiful package for beautiful women. Worn alone or combined with a fur hat, these neck warmers do add a pixie-like look to a lady’s look. This is one of the beauties of fur. One can wear neck warmers made of other materials but they do tend to resemble physio neck braces—a definite no-no when the style is what one wants.
 real fur neck warmers

Amifur genuine fur neck warmers do more than warm the neck and add a dash of class. They can be used in a variety of different ways. One can wear a neck warmer when one goes jogging or walking or to late night parties and stay fully protected in style. There is more to the neck warmer than one thinks of. It can be pulled up to cover the hair and the head and provide comfort as well as protection. 
The back part of the warmer can be pulled up over the head to form a balaclava like the hood and also work as a sun guard. One can wear it like a headband and keep hair from getting into the eyes while cycling or engaged in work. It can be used to tie up the hair in a stylish way. Imaginative women can turn it inside out, place one end over the head and turn it around in a twist to form a beanie cap – a unique style statement.

real fur neck warmers

The neck warmer in fur is more than just a fashion accessory to make a woman look gorgeous. It can be used in different ways and that is all the more reason to own not just one but several, like a golden sable for occasions, a white rex for everyday use or a slinky mink one, each one with its unique characteristics and possibilities of use. In a way, it is more functional and stylish than a hat because it can be used in so many different ways and that makes it an indispensable fashion accessory for contemporary women. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Fur Hats are Trending in Women’s Fashion

Come winter and the demand for hats among men and women increases substantially, to beat the cold. While there are a wide variety of hats to choose from, fur hats are trending in women’s fashion this season. Not only do they help you to stay warm in the freezing winter but also are very comfortable and fashionable. While there was a demand for faux fur a few years ago, due to the campaigns organised by organisations like PETA, real fur has made a comeback with a bang.
Mink fur hat ushanka

Real fur hats are made from ethically sourced materials and come with origin assurance labels that ensures their provenance. They are made from fur from animals like foxes, rabbits, minks, beavers etc. These fur hats are known for their stylish appearance and increase the glamour quotient of any wearer. Fur hats have been around for a long while, with them being mainly patronised by women from the Russian aristocracy. They have a feminine charm that makes the wearer more attractive. A variety of fur hats have originated and became popular in Russia.

While there is Plenty of Amifur real fur hats one of the most recognised are Ushanka a popular winter hat that is warm and thick and has ear flaps. The ear flaps are extra-long so that they can be knotted under the chin for extra warmth, when the weather is freezing. Alternately when the weather is not too cold they can be folded upwards. These have been a standard part of military uniform in Russia in winters. They are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit varying fashion tastes.
real fur hats

Another popular and well recognised fashion accessory is Kubanka a fur hat also that is also of Russian origin. It is made from ultra-soft karakul lambs and is round in shape with a top that is flat. Other materials used to make these hats include fur from black foxes. It has retained it popularity as a fashionable accessory over the years and many owners inherit it from their families as an heirloom. They go well with wide flared coats or classical styled coats without fur collars.

If you want to add that extra bit of style to your wardrobe all you need to do is get a fur hat. Apart from the popular Russian styled fur hats made from xo and mink fur there are various other casual fur hats made from other animal furs. Another fur hat that leaves an indelible impression on all is the silver fox fur hat that comes with an extended tail (great for extra warmth in chilly winters). The fur is soft and smooth and looks very glamorous. 
Sable fur hat

Also popular are golden fox fur hats that complement any winter costume to perfection. You can buy some of the best real fur accessories online from well-known sites, which offers a wide variety of real fur accessories, at very competitive prices. If you want to stand apart from everyone this winter, get a real fur accessory to jazz up your wardrobe. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Use Real Fur Hats and Capture the Quintessential Soul of Gorgeous Russian Women

In recent times celebrities have added a touch of flair and fun to headgear by topping hats with fur pom-poms. They look charming, fun and the weaving, bobbing pompom signifies youth and energy. It is also fashionable and a dynamic attention getter because, each time a woman as much as shakes her heads or nods, the pom-pom swings.

real fur hats

Does fur deserve to be treated with such frivolity one may ask? It does and it does not. When it comes to head gear one can put on fun hats with a dash of fur if one is so inclined. For more serious use and if one wishes to convey a sense of class, timeless elegance, distinction and charming beauty, there are more sober yet gracefully elegant real fur hats from Amifur in Russian styles to consider.

The most popular style is ushanka, a hat made of mink, fox or sable pelts stitched together to form a covering for the head with two ear flaps dangling by the sides that can be kept lowered or when used by men, tied up on top of the hat. Kubanka style, on the other hand,  is round in shape with a flat top and it is made from pelts of black fox famed for its long fur. Kubankas simply transform looks of women and form a gorgeous frame for their heads. 

real fur hats

Traditionally Ku Bankas were handed down by mothers to their daughters and formed prized family heirlooms. This style spread to nearby Scandinavian countries and it rivals the Ushanka in looks and popularity. The Kubanka sits prettily on the head but one can enhance the style a bit further by adding a tail.

In fact, Russian women of days gone by (and present too) value their fur hats and it is her soul. A gold ring and a custom made hat of the most expensive pelt or cheaper one are must haves. A woman may not wear it all the time but she will certainly display it prominently for guests to admire. She would sell it or part with it only in dire circumstances. 

real fur hats

This is how much the Russian woman values her hat made of beaver, sable, mink or fox fur.  It has substance in that the hat offers full protection during winters. It has the style because the soft, shiny and fluffy hat adds a lot of pizzazz to a personality.

An ushanka or a kubanka, if made from a single piece of pelt, can be terribly expensive and most women would admire Russian women bedecked in a fur hat but would not dare to splurge but with the best fur store on the scene offering genuinely heavenly hats at down to earth prices, she can get not just an ushanka or a kubanka in one type of fur but a dozen if she is so minded. 

real fur hats
The reason why fur store offerings are priced so low is that they are crafted carefully from the best fur remnants left over after making high-end stoles or scarves and have captured the essence of Russia in their creations that look and feel oh-so luxuriously rich as well as stylish.

Monday, 31 July 2017

How to Start Collection of Real Fur Scarves at the best Prices

Women and fur are made for each other and that could possibly be a reason why the material has never gone out of fashion. A celebrity attired in a glorious mink stole attracts attention and it is the same even if it is a woman walking down the street wearing something made of this inestimable material. It is slinky, smooth, soft, caressingly warm to touch with a sensuous feel and texture that no other material can rival.
real fur scarves

Take a scarf, for instance. If it is made of plain fabric like silk, nylon or chiffon, the look is airy and light but nowhere can it rival the full and gorgeous looks of scarves made of fur. Scarves are utilitarian and beautifying accessories that a woman can drape over her shoulders in a casual way, wrap around her neck, throw one end behind and let one end dangle in front or wrap it around her head and create a different style each time.

It is light in weight yet it appears filled out, creating a striking counterpoint for the dress, face, and hair. If it is gorgeous in looks, it can also be quite pricey if one wants the genuine stuff. However,  genuine Amifur real fur scarves are priced so affordably that a woman can possess not just one but she can start a collection of scarves made of this priceless material.

real fur scarves

How this is possible is a question one may ask? The answer is that fur store makes use of the best material but these pieces are remnants left over after creating top quality high-end accessories. These remnants are matched and then stitched together by hand so skillfully that the entire piece appears as if it is made from a single pelt. This is one reason why a fox fur scarf, whether it is attic fire fox, brown fox, pink, white or silver fox scarf, is priced so affordably costing just a few hundred Euros whereas a single piece equivalent quality scarf would cost thousands of Euros.

The same technique of using left over pieces is used in the creation of mink scarves with their glorious sheen and gorgeous textures and for cable scarves. Another reason is fur store is a family run business operating as a small unit with low overheads and dealing directly with buyers across the world. This cuts out middlemen and dealers who add their own markup.
real fur scarves

Fur has lasting value. It can be used for decades with proper care and it can be used in summer as a light drape and in winter as a cozy wrap around. In any season and for any 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Sticking to Imperial fashion, to a Royal Personality fox fur hats are exquisite as attire.

Hats are the best way to stick to the latest fashion trends especially in Russia. Society has always maintained a sense of aristocracy and such products have also contained symbols of luxury, prestige and elite class. We have in fact the royalty, from Queen Elizabeth to the Duchess of Cornwall who have acknowledged the looks provided by it. Apart from this we have other majestic women of England who have taken a preference towards the same.

It is quite easy to classify fur hats as a sign of imperial fashion and royal power now. It not only provides the edge for classy looks but also becomes a protector from the harsh climatic situations in winter. Winter’s actually become satisfying once one is adorned with such unique hats. For hundreds of years this has remained as a royal material and are the choices of Nobility. Women have always sticked to the best of fashion and culture in Russia.

fox fur hats

Fox Fur Hats - AMIFUR are one of the unique designs of fur hat productions. It has been adorned by the majesty herself and many more high ranked women in society, say Camilia (the duchess of Cornwall), Catherine (the Duchess of Cambridge), Pippa Middleton and many more. But in this age of modernity we are all equal to the unique looks offered by such products. It’ll give people the desired look exactly in royal fashion. It’ll match any outfit and keeping the stunning looks aside the comfort zone is remarkable. It is actually a mixture of comfort and protection, exactly what one needs for winter’s chill.
fox fur hats

Russian style is perfectly harmonised with hats and to tackle the weather it is equally cooperative. It is the classic design of the modern women, even if the statement sounds paradoxical it is relevant because it gives a striking resemblance to the 19th century women and the design works out perfectly even in today’s modern preferences. The sign of fur, especially fox fur hat is an aristocratic style which revives the true spirit of classic fashion and it is the best way to make warmable fashion too!

fox fur hats
Great people have often philosophised the truest essence of history and the brilliant conclusions it can provide. Through history we are able to reach an external reality where we are able to accept something as the convincing truth. Henceforth, we have learned about the importance of former material as a symbol of prestige and luxury. The adornment is of course worth anyone’s investment for the particular item. History has placed fox fur hats as a royal symbol and improvising with such classic looks and adorning the self with fused modern looks and classic hats will inevitably provide the edge of brilliance and royalty. Indeed history is asking to take such style ahead as humanity evolves. This material will forever remain the relative of aristocratic attire, as anyone putting it on will feel the images manifesting, such images are that of majestic personality.